Ozu’s Organic Matcha Pastry use high quality ingredients and Organic Matcha from Kyoto.


Our cakes, cookies and bread are also packed

with special care.




​What shall we Make for You?

We highly recommend that you place your order 7 days or earlier

We pack your cake very carefully with ice gel and mirror bag because we want you to enjoy it fresh!

We only send cakes to addresses that can be delivered within 3 days from NY (zip code 11223 -> New 13492). Please visit the USPS priority mail site at https://www.usps.com/priority-mail/map/ to check if we can ship to your address.

Note: Shipping Price: We update shipping fee since Nov 11, 2020 because USPS updated shipping price(Oct, 2020). Our standard shipping fee is $21(with Ice gel/USPS Priority Flat rate Medium Box). We can ship by $10 only cookies (no ice gel/Large Envelopes First class shipping)

***Our pastry price is upped ( free shipping items). the reason is shipping material (ice gel,mirror bags and so on) and USPS price is upped. We are so sorry as we can not keep friendly shipping price. Thank you for understanding.***

There is a maximum limit of only 2 items for the USPS Priority Medium Box.Sorry,we will not be able to fit 3rd items.