World Cup Soccer 2018 (Russia)

Hi, How are you?

I am writing about my hobby (Naoki’s hobby) soccer today.

I want to share my a little of my knowledge with you. This time, our blog is about

the world cup.

The World Cup 2018 is in Russia. It is a big festival for soccer.

It is held every 4 years.This event starts from middle of June and It continues

until middle of Summer.

Mr.Spongy and Junior and Doraemon

I introduce the history of the World Cup and about Japan.

The National Team of Japan is not a strong team.

Their FIFA Ranking is 60.

But our Japan is an Asian country that can join the World Cup since the World Cup 1998 in France, Japan participated in the World Cup 5 times.

An achievement of soccer in Japan is the Cupper medal from the Mexico Olympic in 1968.

The highest result of Japan in the World Cup is the 16 position, occurring twice.(Japan/Korea 2002 , South Africa 2010)

Mr. Dettmar Cramer of Germany taught basic soccer techniques to the Japanese people.

He was called “A father of Japan Soccer”. He made various contributions to Japanese

soccer.He taught us to play fairly. He advises us to former a soccer league in Japan. As a

result, the J-league is formed. His teaching style was very strict. It was the Sparta style.

He was taught us real soccer (Europe’s foot ball / soccer technique, strategy, system,


Please look at the list below for the coaches from Europe and South America.

The Japanese team learned soccer mainly from Europe and Brazil. We try to build our

own style of playing but it will need more time.

Mr. Zico and Mr. Dragan Stojković are two of the most world’s famous soccer players.

They came to Japan and they played for the J-league for a long period.

They made huge contributions to the growth of Japanese soccer.

Now Mr. Podolsky (Germany), Mr. Iniesta (Spain) came to J-league. They also try to

support the growth of Japanese soccer. We appreciate and respect them a lot.

Fortunately, we can learn world class’s real soccer from the specialists.

J-league have built with image for keeping 100 years.

It is established in 1993. It is past 25 years since the formation of J-league and there

are many good players.

This is a lot of famous Japanese soccer players and my favorite players.

The Japanese team improve with very good players but we still need more training.

Japan is not the world’s best soccer team now. Japan need more coaching with

strategy, organization and so on.

The Japan team have potential and can leave good result for this world cup.

It is our hope.

I want to cheer for Japan national team.

I wear Japan National Team uniform (France 1998).

This is my message to them:

“Please believe in yourselves and your efforts for 4 years.

Please have fighting spirits with Japanese pride.

Japan’s strong point is unity and agility.

Enjoy the World Cup. We pray to god and cheer for the Japan team.

Good Luck Nishino Japan, Aim to Giant killing, Best 8 Aim for it ! “

Thank you very much for reading and taking your precious time with us.

See you again on our next blog.

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