What you can do against corona virus (March 21, 2020)

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We thought it is useful information about what we can do against corona virus situation.We share it.This is our second blog for 2020, it is about " What you can do against corona virus"

What you can do against corona virus


From WEF(World Economic Forum) of President Brende ’s message

””The new corona virus is a global problem and the most serious global health crisis in recent decades.  Unless each of us together protects the whole world, we cannot protect ourselves.  The only opportunity we can make a difference is when we know the information, be prepared, and work together as a transnational community.

Even now, fear has won, and "false news" is spreading faster than official information from the World Health Organization (WHO) or authorities.  Many people make risk-averse and often groundless decisions, such as buying masks, closing borders, and accusing Asians.  Beyond that is competition to the bottom.

Instead, we need to make sure that people have access to reliable information and that they can make decisions for themselves.”” 新型コロナウイルスは全世界の問題であり、世界的な衛生上の危機としてはこの数十年で最も深刻なものだ。私たち一人ひとりが力を合わせて全世界を守らなければ、自分自身を守ることもできない。私たちが情報を把握し、十分な備えをして国境を越えたコミュニティーとして力を合わせてこそ、変化を起こすチャンスが生まれる。まさに今も、恐怖が勝利し、世界保健機関(WHO)や各当局の公式情報よりも「誤ったニュース」の方が早く広がっている。多くの人々が、マスク買い占めや国境封鎖、アジア人への非難といったリスク回避型でしばしば根拠のない意思決定をしている。その先にあるのは底辺への競争だ。そうではなく、私たちは人々が信頼できる情報にアクセスできるようにし、それぞれの組織や自分自身にとっての決定を自信を持ってできるようにする必要がある。 Point of President Brende ’s message ブレンデ総裁メッセージのポイント • More preparation was needed to respond to the threat of the new corona virus.  But it's not too late.  We can do We need to consider not only the health effects of the new corona virus, but also the economic and social aftermath • You must act on the facts, not fear.  You need to be able to make decisions with reliable information Engage private companies and their leaders, and leverage private resources and capabilities ・ Everyone can work together to mitigate the effects of the crisis and increase resilience to future risks





・一人ひとりが力を合わせれば、危機の影響を和らげることができ、将来的なリスクへの耐性を高められる --- From a Japanese doctor --- ・ Wear a mask (observe cough etiquette)

Influenza does not prevent infection, but it does prevent spread. Corona virus is effective for both infection prevention and infection spread prevention. The main purpose of the mask is to "prevent infected people from spreading the virus", and the "preventive effect of uninfected people" is limited. The virus can be transmitted from the "eyes" and can be transmitted by touching the eyes, nose and mouth with hands. Good hand washing is more important to prevent infection. ・ Hand wash It is said that both influenza and corona virus are effective. ・ Gargle Influenza is said to be poorly effective, but corona virus is said to be effective. ・ Ample rest and sleep In fact, it is very important. Nothing special is required. Especially when going to crowds or medical facilities, please wear a mask and encourage frequent hand-washing. ● About information Currently, various speculations and hoaxes are spreading about the new corona virus.  Here are some things to look out for when getting information: ・ Obtaining the latest information from reliable information sources with accurate information ・ Do not be misled by speculation or hoax ・ Do not panic --- Our researched Information 1---

"Do not bring the virus" into the house According to experts, even without an alcohol disinfectant, you can expect "surfactants" in "soaps" and "neutral detergents for home use."  "New corona virus" is very similar to "SARS virus", and has "lipid membrane" called "envelope" in common.  Alcohol breaks this "envelope" and eliminates the infectiousness of the virus, but the "SARS virus" has been confirmed to have the same effect with a "surfactant", according to the National Institute of Infectious Diseases. --- Our researched Information 2 --- We want to avoid unnecessary going out as much as possible, but there are times when we have to go to supermarkets. What can I do now? ・ Sterilize with alcohol gel ・ Spray the virus removal spray in the car ・ Gargle hand washing when returning from outside And to raise immunity Good intake of lactic acid bacteria. Spray disinfectant where you can easily overlook. When you get home, spray your clothes and bags. --- Japanese bought toilet paper too much past! --- Abnormal purchase of a large amount of toilet paper Similar behavior has happened in Japan in the past in the past.  That is the oil shock incident.  … 1973 year We will remind you of that. --- Oil shock incident One year before the launch of the Kakuei Tanaka past prime minister, American President Nixon ceased exchanging US currency dollars and gold.  It is "Nixon shock".  As a result, the exchange rate of $ 1 = 360 yen, which had been in place for 22 years, collapsed, and the yen was forced to round up against the dollar.  The yen is strong. If the yen becomes stronger, there is a concern that when exporting Japanese products overseas, the prices will rise overseas and the exported products will no longer sell, even if the prices in Japan do not change.  If export prices remain unchanged, domestic prices need to be reduced.  The government thought it would hurt Japanese companies. Before the Tanaka past prime minister was born, economic stimulus measures such as lowering bank interest rates were taken. In addition, the expansion of government spending by the Tanaka past prime minister for “architecture remodeling” overlapped, and instead of recovering the economy, it was overheated and overheated.  The redevelopment of the city and the speculation of new railway and road routes began to buy up land, resulting in a sharp rise in prices. In 1973, a Middle East oil-producing nation announced an increase in crude oil prices and a cut in production.  "Oil shock". Japan imports a large amount of oil as an energy source.  The rise in oil prices has led to higher prices for all products.  Intense inflation hit the Japanese archipelago. At that time, due to the background of the Fourth Middle East War, rumors broke out in various places from the collective psychology that `` paper may really be lost '' due to rising oil prices, and a long queue occurred, so it was widely taken up by the mass media, panic  Has rapidly expanded nationwide.  It is also said that the Japanese who were accustomed to mass consumption due to high economic growth suddenly faced `` fear of shortage of goods '' and panic occurred Consumer hobbies, which assumed that products would run out, panicked in various places, creating a long line at supermarkets in search of toilet paper. At a wholesale store, a housewife who ran into a stockpile bought and fished in large package units that remained in a cardboard box that was previously wholesaled to general stores, resulting in a shortage of goods purchased by general stores.  . Consumers who were disturbed by newspapers, television, and idiots and bought a large amount of toilet paper at high prices were piled up. Due to such a chain phenomenon, even those who were optimistic in the first place said that the toilet paper had actually disappeared from the store and ran to secure it.At the retail store, as soon as the toilet paper was lined up at the store,  Rushed, and even people who competed for goods were seen. Connection with Corona virus Distribution via social networks spreads erroneous information such as "Toilet paper is manufactured and imported in China and will be short due to the effects of the new corona virus". Retail stores around the country will spread such information as toilet paper and tissue paper.  There are many stores where paper products are sold out. Later, the Japanese government made most of the toilet paper in Japan, and had enough stock


Also, America (Even @Central New York)

It was sold out Toilet paper and other products at the store!

--- Hoaxes and misinformation such as social networks, news, and the Internet have panicked and caused such a situation (Too much purchase of toilet paper). We believe that it is important to obtain and check the latest and correct information based on information from trusted places such as WHO, to be able to cooperate, to think about what we can do now, and to act accordingly.  It seems.

In our opinion,

1. Frequent hand washing, gargle and disinfection

2. Try to be Clean and clean.

3. Prevent spread of infection, avoid crowds

Please refrain from going out unnecessary, if you are infected,wear a mask and

consult medical staff Strict adherence. 4. Get enough rest and nutrition

We are refreshed !! from Family

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Neutral detergent is effective against virus

So, using these, in the house or It's good to clean the outside of the house it might be?



ブレンデ総裁メッセージ (Asahi Grobal へ寄稿)より引用

”” 新型コロナウイルスは全世界の問題であり、世界的な衛生上の危機としてはこの数十年で最も深刻なものだ。私たち一人ひとりが力を合わせて全世界を守らなければ、自分自身を守ることもできない。私たちが情報を把握し、十分な備えをして国境を越えたコミュニティーとして力を合わせてこそ、変化を起こすチャンスが生まれる。









・一人ひとりが力を合わせれば、危機の影響を和らげることができ、将来的なリスクへの耐性を高められる ””


--- 日本の医師より ---














● 情報について




・パニックにならないこと ”””

--- 調査情報 1 ---



--- 調査情報 2 ---










---  日本のトイレペーパー買い占め事件 ---

トイレットペーパーを大量に買う異常行動について、過去に日本で類似したことが起こっています。それが、オイルショック事件です。…1973 年















social network による配信によって、「トイレットペーパーは中国で製造・輸入しているため、新型コロナウイルスの影響でこれから不足する」といった誤情報が拡散し、全国各地の小売店でトイレットペーパーやティッシュペーパーなどの紙製品が品切れになる店舗が相次いだ。後に政府は、トイレットペーパーは殆どが(日本)国内で製造しており、在庫は十分にある」と否定する事態になった。






2. 清潔、清掃に努める。








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