We are thinking and testing ways to ship cakes to customers

Hi Everyone,

The weather continues to be strange. We feel it is very hot and suddenly so cold in NY.

How is your health? Please take care of your health first!

It’s been a month since we open for catering.

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But we never forget about selling and sending our cakes to non-catering customers.

We are experimenting with ways to ship the cake.

We did a cool packing test before.After 3 days with the cold pack, oxygen absorber and foam, the cold pack was melting (112oz) but I felt it is still a little cold on the surface. The most important part is the taste. The taste was still good but it doesn’t taste as fresh as before. The appearance of the cake looks very good too because it kept the moisture. We learned that we can keep our cakes cool for 3 days with this way but only during the winter season. The cooling effect will be weak if it’s summer and cannot continue for 3 days. For summer, it’s better for the customers to receive the cake within 2 days of shipment.

We imagine if our cake is transported with a refrigerated car, this packing way can work in the summer.

Packing and shipping are already very expensive. The best way to pack cake for shipping is by freezing but that will not be fresh. We want to find a low cost way of shipping to our customers as soon as possible because we want customers to save money.

We will continue to find better way.Please wait a while until we are ready to send our pastries to everyone.

Thank you very much for reading and taking your precious time with us.

See you again on our next blog post!

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