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Updated: Feb 3, 2019

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Family with our Valentine’s Cake

Today’s blog is about “Valentine’s day”

The event is on February 14.

< History >

According to one story,Roman emperor Claudius 2 prohibited soldiers from getting married because their motivation will be down when they have to work for protecting Rome, the married soldier left their wives at home when they have to work for Roman emperor.

A priest of Rome named Valentine felt it is very sad and it is not good rule.He decided to help soldiers get married. He did it by hiding from Roman emperor.The Emperor was so angry at him and he gave warning to Valentine. Valentine never listened to the Emperor and continue to do what he think is right and the Roman emperor killed him. It was very sad that he had to die after he helped a lot of soldiers with marriages. So It was requiem day for St. Valentine on Feb 14 in 270 years. About 14th century, the day is celebrated with gifts.

< Japan >

1. On Valentine’s day, women give chocolate to men.

2. The present is Chocolate only.

3. Q: Why is it only chocolate?

A: It is chocolate shop’s strategy for increasing sales since 1970

in Japan.

4. Nowadays, having to give chocolate in the work place can become a form of harassment. The reason is because women employees have to give men coworkers chocolates. It is not for real love reason. It is one kind of harassment to force women to buy chocolates for men employees. (It is strange habit in Japan. Women don’t want to buy chocolate for men workers.)

< Europe / America >

1. Men take care of women on Valentine’s Day

2. The gift is not chocolate only. It can be cookie, cake and so on.

Ozu’ s pastry tried to make Valentine’s special cookie and cake this year(2019).

We are a small business. There are only 2 of us and special family supporters so we can’t make a lot.

We make 3 cookies and 3 cakes for Valentine’s day. ( Limit for 6 customers)

Selling date : from Feb 4 (Mon) to 9 (Sat), 2019

For Final order customer: We make it on Feb 9. (it will arrive until 14)

Ozu’s pastry special Valentine Cookie - $30 (free shipping)

Heart shape Matcha rice flour cookie with Michiko’s poetic art

Heart shape Matcha rice flour cookie

Michiko’s Poetic Art (Short Poetry)


Ozu’s pastry special Valentine Cake - $38 (free shipping)

Heart shape Matcha chiffon design cake (One of two type)

Valentine Design Matcha Chiffon Cake

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See you again on our next blog.

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