"The leaves turn red in the Autumn (紅葉)"

Sep 3, 2018  "The leaves turn red in the Autumn"

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Our Blog is about "The leaves turn red"

Junior and Mr.Spongy are making Gluten free cake.

Japanese people have appreciated the beauty of fall foliage since ancient times.

When it gets cooler,the leaves change color into red,yellow and various colors.

The best time to see the Autumn foliage in Japan is from Mid-November to Mid


Where is the best place to see it?

"Ei-kan-dou (永観堂)" in Kyoto, "Kiyomizu temple(清水寺)" in Kyoto,

Kyoto is famous.

Where do people go to enjoy Autumn leaves?

There is three most popular places

for Autumn leaf viewing.

1. Mountains and rivers 

2. Around temple and old Japanese style architecture

3. Along the street of a park

Family with Gluten free cake

If you have a chance to go trip in Japan, How about do you think "Autumn leaves"?

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