Shichi-Go-San (七五三) - traditional rite of passage in Japan - (The event for Seven - Five - Three)

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Today’s blog is about “Shichi-Go-San” of Japanese traditional culture.

The event is on November 15 in Japan.

Q:What is this “Shichi-Go-San”?

A:This represents the Age.

“Shichi” is Seven years old. “Go” is Five years old. “San” is three years old.

We pray to God for the child to grow up well at these ages.

Q:What do we do for this “Shichi-Go-San” event?

A: The event is for 3 and 7 years old girls.And 5 years old boys.

Parents and the children goes to a shrine nearby.

When the children go to the shrine, they wear Kimono and do their hair.

They thank god and and pray to god about growing up and to exorcise evil spirits. They also buy “Chitose-Ame(千歳飴) / Long stick Candy” and take pictures for this important life event.

In Izumo(出雲) local place known “shintou(神道)-shrine” in Japan,

these ages have meanings.

3 years old - God gave “Word” and girls start to tie their hair.

5 years old - God gave “Wisdom” and boys start to wear hakama (袴: kimono pants

for mens)

7 years old - God gave “Teeth” and girls start to put on adult’s obi (帯: belt for kimono)

In the past, people had worn “Kimono(着物) / Japanese traditional wear” until the “Taishou(大正)and Shouwa(昭和) period” .

Nowadays, We usually don’t wear “Kimono” unless it’s a special ceremony(marriage, congratulations, graduations).

Wearing Kimono is part of traditional Japan.

Kimono is drawn so wonderfully with beautiful designs.

We wear “Kimono” at formal events. Even though people don’t wear kimono regularly, this part of traditional Japan is still kept.

Q:Why do they buy the “Chitose-Ame(千歳飴) / Long stick Candy”?

A:This name has meaning.

“Chitose(千歳)” is “Thousand years.” This represents very long time.

We believe a crane can survive for a thousand year. Another superstition is the turtle can

survive for 1o thousand year.

The Crane and Turtle are symbols for a long life and these symbols are used for happy


So the candy’s design is a crane, turtle or happy face.

That’s why this candy(飴:Ame) is long stick.

The candy shop’s chef put “hope or wish” for growing up well for these children to make it

to “Chitose-Ame(千歳飴)”

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