“Setsu-bunn (節分)” in Japan

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Family with Naoki’s birthday cake

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Today’s blog is about “Setsu-bunn” of Japanese traditional culture.

The event is on February 3 or 4 in Japan.

Q:What is “Setsu-bunn”?

A:This represents the seasonal division.

The “Setsu-bunn” is ceremony for banishing evils and calamities from

house hold.

Q:What do we do for the “Setsu-bunn” event?


1. Mame-maki

A rite of throwing beans (soy beans) to force the devils out.

A lot of People do this in their houses. A big event(Mamemaki

performance) is also held at “Narita-san Shinshou-temple(成田山新勝寺).”

It is famous in Japan. Narita’s location is in Chiba(千葉). You probably

remember Narita as the International Airport. Don’t get confused,

this event does not take place at the airport.

2. Hiiragi-sashi

A rite to keep devils away by hanging burned sardine fish’s heads

skewered to a holly branch in front of the house gate.

This Hiiragi is leaves. The leave’s shape outline is like sharp needle.

If it is touched, it is so painful. The smoke is painful for the eyes

when the sardine is burned and the bone is hard to eat.

So It is told Hiiragi-sashi can keep devils away.

3. Eating baked soy beans

We believe we can become more healthy if we eat the same number

of throwing beans as our age. For example, someone who is age 10

will eat 10 beans. A person who is age 20 will eat 20 beans. But if

the age is 50, 60, 70 years old over, you can imagine it is hard to

eat that many beans…

Family with Matcha Taiyaki

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