Plum Rain (梅雨)

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We feel it is getting humid and hot in NY.

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Today’s blog is about plum rain.

It is raining season in June. This season is called

“Tsu-yu (梅雨)” in Japan. It means “plum rain” in English.

Japanese people feel very uncomfortable because it rains everyday during plum rain season.

<Negative points of Plum rain >

1. People cannot hang their laundry outside for drying. We know most people will not think

about drying their laundry outside in New York because they live in an apartment or a high

building. They use drying machine instead but it is a regular practice to dry washed

clothes outside for Japanese people who lives in local areas in Japan. People living in

Tokyo or Osaka area will follow same way as New Yorkers.

2. The food goes bad quickly because of the high humidity.

3. The high humidity and continuous rain cause depression for some people.

<Positive points of plum rain >

1. It is an important season for vegetables and fruits because the rain helps them grow.

If the rain does not come, they will lack water in the summer. Fruits and vegetables need

the rain for harvest.

2.Hydrangea blooms into beautiful colors such as blue purple and pink.

These colors create a healing feeling for Japanese people.

3. We can see the firebugs (lightning bugs) near river areas.

Clean water can flow at night after plum rain season

finished. We feel cool and summer will come soon.


< How Japanese people spend plum rain season >

We spend the raining season indoors and pass time with activities such as watching DVD, listening to music, reading books, playing computer games, cooking and so on.

Actually, plum flowers does not bloom during this season, so why is the kanji character,

“梅” (Ume, meaning plum) use in the name?

The original name is said to be originated from China. In China, plum flowers bloom near the Yangtze river area ( 長江: it is a very famous and long river) during this raining season.

It is the season for growing plums in China. When the name came to Japan, we keep the original Kanji (梅 Ume:Plum) for June’s season.

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