Please drink more and more water

Hi, How are you?

We hope you are healthy and safe. The weather has been hot and humid.

Nowadays, I (Naoki) am suffering from back pain. Sometimes, it can be hard to sit down. wear socks and even to walk.

I continue to stretch my body because I felt my muscle becomes hard. In the past, I had played soccer and it is my one of hobbies. I injured my knee and had to fixed it. After I fixed my knee, I trained myself but it doesn't work well. I cannot play soccer again.

How can we remove physical pain?

A doctor recommends to drink water. It is connected to the body's pain.

People have misunderstanding about drinking water. We are drinking water everyday

(usually under 1 liter) and think it is enough.

However, it is actually not enough!

The amount of water people need to take every day is equal to half of their weight.

Example : If my weight is 180 LB. I will have to take 90 LB of water everyday.

(People thinks two or three cups of water is fine daily but it is wrong)

My doctor wrote this out for me to explain why people need to take oxygen.

He used oxygen as an example instead of water.

By taking sugar, it will change to energy.

By taking sugar with oxygen, it changes to 37 ATP plus carbon dioxide.

but if it doesn't take with oxygen, it becomes 2 ATP plus lactic acid.

There is a lack of energy. We lack 16 times more for oxygen. If oxygen is not enough for body, it will create makes lactic acid. Lactic acid makes us feel irritated and uncomfortable so human beings need to take a lot of water each day.

I learned about water by studying chemistry in the past.

People knows water is neutral and the PH is 7. A PH that is a low number (example PH 2) is strong acidic and high number (PH 14) is strong alkalinity.

Our body is constituted by a lot of water.

If our body’s water is PH 6 or PH 5 (it means weak acidic), we feel irritated so we have to drink more alkali water to make it neutral. (PH 7)

The alkali water means lemon water and alkalic water. Lemon water is good. Cold lemon water is more better. Sometimes, we can drink it at a restaurant if the restaurant cares about customer’s health. We will feel nice because it is different than normal water. Of course, we can make it at home too.

Another drink instead of alkali water is vinegar. We can’t drink vinegar directly. It is hard to drink but we can still take vinegar by using it in our cooking. Japanese people eat

sushi and it includes vinegar.

My important main point is to keep neutral body at PH level of 7.

I think if people take a lot of water, our blood would flow well to all parts of the body and we will feel comfortable.

Anyway, I understand to take water. It is very important.

I tried to start drinking more water. However, it is so hard to drink water a lot. Even I drink it, I can't finish 1 PET bottle of water each day.

How can I drink water half of my weight everyday?

I don't know the answer.

but it is true we need to take water more and more than we generally think.

Please keep safe and healthy.

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We would like to express our gratitude and thanks to those who work hard to improve the world.

We (the public) are supported and protected by such acts of good faith.

We should try to reduce the burden on them and think about how to support them. At first and at least, we want to keep our health good. We should avoid going outside unless it’s necessary. If we do need to go to out, we need to wear mask and practice social distancing. Remember to wash hands your hands with soap and keep your house clean!

Thank you again.

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