Mid Autumn Moon (仲秋の名月)-2018-

Sep 3, 2018  

-  Moon cake (Eating Japanese Dango  with viewing moonlight)-

Hi everyone, How are you?

It restarted school back's season.

It is so stress and make us depressed.

(To change the life rhythm is so hard for everyone.)

It is still very hot in New York.

We hope it would be cool down soon.

Junior and Mr.Spongy are making Matcha short bread(Bear and Rabbit)

Today's  our blog is about "Mid Autumn moon"

What is it "Mid Autumn moon"?

It is a season we can see full moon

(Perfect round shape) in Autumn.

We can see most beautiful and brightly full moon in the year.

It is on Middle of Autumn.

According to the Lunar calendar in China,

It is September 15 (about September 20).

but Actually,The date is not exactly full moon's date now.

After we researched about the date,We could get almost exactly information.

We share it to everyone.

We would have chance to see full moon these date.

It is "9/25, 2018",

"9/21, 2022",

"9/29, 2023".

Why can we see many kind of "Moon cake" selling at Chinese supermarket

on Aug or Sep?

According to the China history,

People appreciate God for good harvest on September.(For harvest festival)

and Chinese people eat "moon cake" for wishing health and happiness.

Why do Japanese people eat Dango(Mochi) with viewing full moon?

We learned this good habits from China.

Dango's shape is round.

It looks full moon's shape.

The Moon repeat chipping and filling.

It is "Symbol of immortality"

so We believe to get health and happiness by eating the Dango

with viewing full moon.

It became eating habits for Dango this season in Japan.

Matcha Short Bread (Bear and Rabbit)

Thank you very much for reading and taking your precious time.

Let's see you again on next blog.

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