Matcha is Super Food.

​ Health Benefit of Matcha

1. Food poisoning prevention (Catechin)

2. Regulate the stomach (Catechin)

3. Prevents cancer and lifestyle-related diseases (Catechin)

4. Blood cholesterol inhibition (Catechin)

5. Cold prevention (Catechin, Vitamin C)

6. Tooth decay and bad breath prevention (Catechin-fluorine)

7. Anti-allergy (Catechin, Saponin)

8. Improve blood flow (Saponin)

9. Hypertension improvement (Catechin, Theanine)

10. Relaxation of muscles (Theanine)

11. Insomnia prevention and sleep promotion (Theanine)

12. Premenstrual syndrome and menopause symptom relief (Theanine)

13. Fatigue recovery and awakening (Caffeine)

14. Dementia prevention (Caffeine)

15. Green tea is delicious without vertigo

16. Help with diet

17. Anti-aging

18. Detox effect

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