Japanese traditional festival - 祭り(Matsuri) -


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Today’s blog is about a festival in Japan.

< Traditional Japanese festival -Matsuri- >

We want to share a little knowledge about the festival.

What is the meaning of a festival in Japan?

Spring and Autumn’s festivals have meaning like good harvest and harvest celebration.

Summer and Winter’s festivals have meaning like God worship and extermination of plague.

<Famous and Big festival in Japan>

We share you information about Japanese Festival.

1. Sapporo Snow festival http://www.snowfes.com/english/index.html <札幌雪祭り>

You would be able to see and enjoy here very beautiful ice sculpture art in Winter.

2. Aomori Nebuta festival http://www.nebuta.or.jp/ <青森ねぶた祭り>

You would be able to see big art ornament made by bamboo and Japanese paper.

(Aug 2 - 7)

3. Tosa Awa-dance festival https://discovertokushima.net/en/ <土佐阿波踊り>

You would be able to see Japanese traditional dance performances. (Aug 12 - 15)

4. Kyoto Gion festival https://www.kyokanko.or.jp/gion/ <京都祇園祭り>

You would be able to see Japanese traditional float.

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