Independence Day

Hi, How are you?

Mr. Spongy : What day is it today?

Junior : Today is an important day in America.

Mr. Spongy : It is a holiday. Well, I think there will be fireworks in the sky tonight.

Junior : Yes, it’s Independence Day. Let’s learn about it!

Junior(Left) and Mr. Spongy (Right) / Banana Milk Juice

We want to think about today.

<Independence Day>

America’s first president Mr. George Washington said,

“United States Declaration of Independence” on July fourth in 1776.

This means America won their independence from England.

America was controlled by England in the past. They have to pay taxes to England.

Mr. George Washington thought

“All human is equal and have to be fair”

“Natural rights (No country should attack or control other country)”

“Pursuit of Life, Freedom, Happiness”

At that time there were 13 states in America called the 13 colonies.

These 13 colonies ((New Hampshire, Massachusetts, Connecticut, Rhode Island,

New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Delaware, Maryland, Virginia, North Carolina,

South Carolina and Georgia) agreed with his great ideas.

The historical events afterward led to July 4 being a very important holiday in America.

Boston Tea Party (The midnight of December 16, 1773)

The story behind the Boston Tea Party is England’s Eastern India company don’t want to

pay Tax for tea to England government in just time. They tried to sell their teas with low


And They brought tea to the America’s Boston by trade ship.

American people worried that:

1. Maybe this company control for selling tea (Monopolizing)

2. If we accepted (bought) their tea, maybe we have to approve about TAX.

It happened in Boston port on 1773.

A group called “The Sons of Liberty” disguised as Mohawk Indians attacked the trade

ship.They threw out 342 boxes of tea from the ship to the sea. The amount of damage

is over $1,000,000.

This event influences the Independence of America and link with America’s boycott to

buy tea.

“England drink tea, American don’t drink tea. American drink coffee instead of tea.”

<America’s History>

These two great and famous presidents contributed to America.

1. Revolutionary war

Mr. George Washington (1st president/he had dyslexia and he was right brain thinker)

2. Civil war

Civil war between North the South colonies.

Mr. Lincoln (16th president/he had depression, bipolar)

Based on history, we know that right brain thinkers are great.

They have a lot of creative ideas. They have many images in their brain and can

combine a lot of different ideas together. They can use it for leading the world.

But they face extra challenges and need emotional support with good environment.

This world needs more right brain thinkers.

Most people are left brain thinkers.

Left Brain people are good with logical thinking and language.

But they don’t use images a lot.

History shows many great people suffers from ADHD, Dyslexia or other mental


They need good support to show their potential.

We need both right and left brain thinkers for making a good society.

We should have empathy and consideration for each other.

Today is Independence Day and we talked about Immigration.

Now America have a big immigration problem.Many people from Mexico is coming

to America illegally.Many American don’t want to accept this. America have to use

a lot of money to support them although they are illegal because of humanity mind.

The government of Mexico don’t pay back money for them to America. So America

try to return them back to Mexico.

But it has problems.

America should not separate the illegal parents and their children from a humanitarian

point of view. At the same time, America should not admit illegal immigration.

That’s why many protests are occurring all over the country.

Mr. President Trump said

“Making Great Great Great Wall on boundary area to Mexico “

<American construction people is so happy because they can get job and earn a lot of


His idea is to make Mexico pay for the Wall.

Mr. Trump wants America to be a strong, independent country.

He wants Americans to have the chance to have jobs and earn money.

It is good for America.

But, who will pay for the construction of the wall?

We know Mexico would never want to pay, they will never pay.

When We thought about a solution to this problem, we had a new idea.

America started from 13 states. Now America consists of 50 states.

"OK. We have flexible idea. America have open mind.

Let’s add one more. 51 states."

We know Mexico is a country, not state.

Of course , we respect Mexico’s traditions and culture.

America accept diversity.

America never control them.

We learned from the past.

Even California or New York State want to be independent if it is possible.

It will not be good idea to separate from America.

A More better idea is to accept each state’s thinking.

Our idea is based on America’s open mind.

"Let’s admit Mexico country as America’s special 51 state

and Mexico is part of America."

We never need border. We never need great great great wall.

The Berlin Wall in German was destroyed and it is really right.

We don’t go to war, we don’t need war. We don’t have to use dangerous weapons.

It is so important to make Peace.

We should not make wall for the Earth.

We should protect nature.

We should decrease garbage more and more.

Mexico have own thoughts.

Mexico’s president should continue to control Mexico even if they belong America.

America president should not control them.

America accept it. Just Accept them as another state of America.

We are never racist.

This is an idea only. Let’s respect each other’s thinking.

If our writing made someone uncomfortable or upset, we apologize.

We are so sorry and it’s never our intention.

We just think to make peace only because today is a very important day for America.

Let’s think peace, families together and safety first.

Family with Matcha Sticky Buns / We hope peace

Thank you very much for reading and taking your precious time with us.

See you again on our next blog post!

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