Hello! world!

How do you do? I am Naoki Ozu. I am the owner and a pastry chef.

This picture is our special support family members.

I and my wife Michiko finally start our online pastry shop

“Ozu’s Organic Matcha Pastry”.

The opening date of our online shop will be on April 17(Tue), 2018.

The Japan date is April 18 (Wed). It is good day for opening business.

In Japan, we care about date for starting business because we believe

if the date is good and lucky day, our business would be success.

We decided to do catering.

We are always thinking about how to deliver our pastries to customers

in the best condition. We want customers to eat our cakes fresh.We

researched about delivery.(Delivery company, shipping method and so

on). But It was so difficult to find good way. Most difficult parts were delivery

and shipping fee for keeping our cakes fresh. The cost is still very expensive.

We can imagine easily that no one wants to pay an expensive shipping fee.

Customers want to eat delicious cake only. We continue to look for good and

kind delivery staff. We hope the shipping cost can become more friendly for

customers in the near future.

We are so sorry that the delivery fee is so expensive even with catering and

customer can’t buy our cake in small quantity yet.

We struggle to find better way for delivery.

We like to take on challenges. Through our blog, we hope to give and share right

knowledge and useful information to people.

Please look forward to our pastry’s shop opening!

Thank you very much for reading and taking your precious time with us.

Special Support Family Members with Matcha Bouchons

See you again on our blog.

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