Halloween sale! (October 1, 2019 )

Thank you for always selecting Ozu’s Organic Matcha Pastry.

We appreciate your continued support.

We will have a “Halloween 2019 Sale" starting on October 1, 2019.

We are collaborating with Michiko’s Poetic Art (hand drawn art with original poetry).

You can buy one of our 3 cookies along with a special poetic art card (can be personalized with your own message).

  • Organic Matcha Cookies (White Chocolate or Almonds or Hazelnuts)

  • Langues De Chat

  • Lemon Cookies


Sale Price : $11


This offer will
end on November 30, 2019. 

You can buy them at our site or Etsy shop!


< https://www.ozuspastry.com/shop>

Note: We apologize. No other coupons codes can be used during this campaign.

Sincerely yours,

Michiko and Naoki Ozu

Organic Matcha Cookies (White Chocolate, Almonds or Hazlenuts)_Renew

Healthy cookies made with rice flour and your choice of white chocolate, almonds or hazlenuts. Enjoy the crisp feeling and taste the difference from the ordinary chocolate chip cookie! Baked with organic matcha from Kyoto, Japan. ( 7 cookies )

Organic Matcha Langues De Chat

We added Matcha taste to this classic French butter cookies.

Langues De Chat means "Cat's tongue." They are pale in the center with golden brown edges. Please enjoy the delicious flavor of this cookie.

[10 pieces(5 butter and 5 Matcha)]

Lemon Cookies with Organic Matcha

These lemon cookies are good for all year around! They are wonderful for during the holidays and the lemon flavor can also be enjoyed during the summer and spring seasons. Our cookies are made with fresh lemon juice, lemon zest and include organic Kyoto, Japan matcha.

[ 8 cookies (4 Lemnos and 4 Matcha)].

Visit our site or Etsy shop to purchase them!


< https://www.ozuspastry.com/shop>

Please choose one item (Matcha cookies, Langues de chat or Lemon cookies) and leave us a note with your personalized message!

Note: We apologize for the shipping price of $6.5

< Michiko’s special poetic art card >

Pumpkin and Cat

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Our blog is full of information about Japanese culture.You can learn something new and exciting!Please visit and read our blog.

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See you again on our next blog.

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