Grand Opening! <April 17, 2018>

Hi Everyone,

It was stormy yesterday in NYC. But the weather is better today.

It was cloudy and windy. Sometimes it appeared to be sunny.

We finally could open our online shop!

First, I want to say thank you so much to my wife.

She continues to do hard work outside at the office everyday for us

while I prepare to start this home pastry business.She helped our life.

And after she came back home, she continues to draw art for our pastry

business until 2AM everyday.I always appreciate and respect her.And

we appreciate everyone and everything.

The Japan date is April 18 (Wednesday). It is a good day for opening

business. In Japan, we care about date for starting business because

we believe that if the date is good and lucky day, our business will be


This date (April 17, 2018) has a meaning.

This is a metaphor as explained below:

After a person plant a seed into soil, the seed would grow up

later. And it returns happiness to the person one million times.

It is good day for everything on April 18, 2018. It is called “Tai-an”

in Japan.

We never forget “We are still beginners and the pastry business

is a challenge.But We will always work hard and try our best

to provide healthy, good and delicious pastries for our customers.”

Please support us and keep in touch.

Thank you very much for reading and taking your precious time

with us.

See you again on our next blog.

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