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Today’s blog is about fire works.

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<Fire works>

We want to share a little knowledge about fire works.

The origin of fire works is from China. It is said to started since the 6th century.

The fire works was used as right smoke for fighting enemies.

The fire works are used for a different reason now.

It is not used for fighting anymore. It is used for enjoying or celebrating occasions.

Some people also launch fire works to pray for their ancestors.

Do you know what is the difference between fireworks in Japan and other countries?

The explosive is a different shape.

<Many countries’ fireworks>

Cylindrical shape - It can bloom many times in top of the sky.

<Japan’s Fireworks>

Spherical shape - 1. It can open round and big.

2. It can change color for star of fire works in the middle.

3. It can open on concentric circle double, triple.

Why does Japan use the spherical shape for fire works?

In the past, only the rich and wealthy people were able to see the cylindrical shape of

the fire works.

If the shape is spherical, people can see it from all directions a 360 degree view.

So Japan took care as common people can enjoy the fireworks from all directions.

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We want to recommend to you the 3 big fireworks events in Japan.

If you have a chance to visit Japan, how about seeing some Japanese fireworks?

No / Date / Visitor / Launch for fire works / Place (City) / Where Japan

(about) (Prefecture)

1 Aug 2, 3 100 million 20,000 launch Nagaoka; Niigata


Web page

2 Aug 25, 74 million 18,000 launch Oomagari; Akita


Web page

(we are so sorry, this site language is Japanese only)

3 Oct 6, 70 million 20,000 launch Tsuchiura; Ibaraki


Web page

You would be able to see Japan’s wonderful fireworks and amazing art there.

But please be careful to go there.

We imagine it will be very crowded and maybe some of you will feel a lot of stress.

Thank you very much for reading and taking your precious time with us.

See you again on our next blog.

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