Festival for ancestors - Obon (お盆)-

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Junior with Matcha Bread.

Today’s blog is about Obon.


We want to share a little knowledge with you about Obon.

Japanese people visit the grave sites with flowers, water, incense sticks and other offerings in the Obon season. They pray and report about their family's situation to heaven’s grand father and grand mother or ancestors.

It means they appreciate their ancestors and they always link with their ancestors.

Q1: What is Obon?

A1: It is an activity for welcoming back ancestors spirits to this world in Japan.(It is very important occasion to hold memorial services for the dedicated ancestors.)

It is held from August 13 to 15 in Japan.

The origin of Obon is a memorial service held by one of the higher disciples of the Buddha, Mokuren, for his deceased mother in July 15 according to the Buddha’s teaching.

On that day, the ancestors spirits return back to this world and visit their relatives.

Q2: What kind of activities do people do for Obon?


1. People traditionally prepare “bon-dana” (memorial shelf to place offerings) for welcoming

the spirits of their ancestors.

2. People prepare “Mukae-bi” (lanterns hang in front of their houses

to guide the spirits in.)

3. People perform special dance “bon-odori”

4. At the End of festival, they hold “okuri-bi”(bonfire to see off the

spirits) and “shoryo-nagashi” (floating lanterns and offerings in rivers

and seas to guide the spirits back to their world)

Family with Matcha Bread (We offer these for the ancestors and pray)

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