Doraemon came to our home!

Hi Everyone,

It is becoming harder to pass each day without using the air conditioner in NY.

How is your health? Please drink lots of water, eat good foods and take enough rest!

A special guest arrived at our home today and he cheer us up!

His name is “Doraemon.” This Doraemon wears a fashionable outfit like an artist.

We introduce “Doraemon” to everyone on our blog today.


Doraemon is a character’s from a Japanese cartoon.The character was created by

Mr. Fujiko F Fujio. Doraemon is a robot cat from the future. He came from a future world because he wants to help a young boy called “Nobita Nobi.” Nobita’s personality is easy going.He is not good with studying. His test scores are always low. He does not exercise regularly and is not physically strong. He is always being bullied and had difficult times. Other children thinks he is a failure and a worthless boy. But Doraemon saves Nobita by his special secret tools.Nobita grows up with Doraemon’s support. Some good points of Nobita are he is considerate, kind, believes in fairness and has a brave heart.

We want to learn from him especially the children who’s been bullied and have a hard time

growing up.

Even when your situation is very bad,

“What are most important things for human?”

Please think and ask about this to yourself deeply.

Nobita finally got mentally tough. He had brave heart to fight bullying.

Even he is injured and hurt a lot, he showed his mental strength.

He learns to stand up to bullying again and again without Doraemon’s secret tool

helping him.He became a strong person mentally, not by physical fights.

Doraemon is a special emotional supporter and friend to Nobita.

Doraemon has many special secret fantastic tools like “Small light,” ”Big light”

“Tunnel for Gulliver,” “Bread for memorized,” “Devil tongue for translation”

The Doraemon’s items are so unique and creative.

My 3 favorite Doraemon’s tools are:

1.Door to go anywhere (Teleportation)

2.Time Machine (Back to the future)

3.Bamboo helicopter (Flying freely)

I (Naoki) learned about so many important things for life from “Doraemon” story

when I was a child. It is “Never give up your dream and to continue trying.”

Please enjoy Doraemon story by movie, animation and cartoon with your children.

This story would give children heartfelt and inspiration ideas.

Family with Doraemon

Thank you very much for reading and taking your precious time with us.

See you again on our next blog.

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