Christmas - 2018 -

Hi, How are you?

It is close to Christmas 2018.

Happy Holidays from Junior Santa and Sir. Spongy Santa

Today’s blog is about “Christmas”

“Christmas" is a big event for everyone.

Of course, December 25th is Jesus birthday.

This day has very important meaning for Christians.

Christmas is also a very exciting day for most people.

Children around the world are waiting for Santa to come to their house

with presents.

I (Naoki) remembered memories of Christmas.

I will share it. This is Xmas in Japan.

When I was a child, I was so excited to see ads with product pictures from toy shop.

”What kind of new toy will I get on this Christmas?”I also checked cake shop’s ads.

“I like the strawberry short cake (round cake). Chocolate coating cake is so delicious too.”

I think most children think this way.

<5 - 12 years old>

For Game

There was no computer games at that time.

I was interested in a hero figures.

I was also interested in board games like “Life” and card game “trump”.

For Sports

Baseball glove, bat and soccer ball

I had liked soccer (foot ball) more than baseball since I was a child.

<13 - 16 years old>

For Game

Family computer - Mario brothers, Donkey Kong, Road Runner,

Championship Road Runner,Legend of Zelda, exciting bike, F1, Xevious,

Gradius, Dragon Quest 1, 2, 3, Final Fantasy

Super Family computer - Super Mario brothers, F-zero, Street Fighter 2,

Final Fantasy series, Soccer (human)

And so on.

Games are so expensive so I couldn't buy them easily. It is hard for parents to buy games for children. I only had chance to get a game at Christmas or New Year by gift money. I have saved money for buying them by gift money from parents or relatives. It’s like this in most households but will be different for rich people. I still feel I was so lucky because I could enjoy them.

I think boys will be interested in “Nintendo Switch” now.

Children will like “ Mario cart “. it will be plush doll for girls.

I feel children share similar interests even though our generation is different.

“How do you spend your Christmas?”

“With Family or With Couple?”

Happy Holidays to Everyone!

Christmas tree 2018

Junior and Spongy with Ozu’s Organic Matcha chocolate cottage cake

Thank you very much for reading and taking your precious time with us.

See you again on our next blog.

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