Busy month - 師走(Shiwasu) -

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2018 passed so quickly, almost one month left.

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Today’s blog is about “師走(Shiwasu)”

Q: What is “師走(Shiwasu)?”

A: 師走(Shiwasu) means busy month of December in Japan.

The New Year’s day is very important. It is considered a fresh start. Priests are hustling

to clean dust, Buddha’s statue and so on. They are very busy in December. The Priest is

seen as a Teacher.That’s why it is called “師走(Shiwasu).” This Kanji character

shows the meaning. It is not only priest. Almost all people are busy for welcoming the new

year.Japanese people prepare a lot for new year. We also clean whole house to welcome

new year for starting fresh.(We believe good luck will come).

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