Appetite Autumn - the seasons for reading, sports and appetite -

Hi, How are you?

It became cooling down season at last.

We feel it will come winter soon in NY.

How are you spending?

Junior and Mr. Spongy with Matcha Vanilla cake

It is Autumn season on October in Japan.

It is very good season to spend life activity because it is not so hot or

not so cold. It is good season to enjoy the Autumn for reading, sports,

appetite and trip to the public entertainment place or viewing spot.

We think everyone can get many things efficiently although the season is short time.

In America, We feel it will come soon Holloween event.When I go to food shopping, I can see a huge orange pumpkin and ghost’s object in the store.

I can understand the event is coming.

We introduce a little about Autumn in Japan.

Good ingredients will be on the market in the Autumn.

Such like these a fragrant “Matsutake mashroom”, very fresh and greasy “Pacific saury fish”, good smells “Japanese lime (Yuzu)”, and sweet “chestnuts” and so on.

Family with Matcha Chiffon

I like the “Mont Blanc Cake” so much. it is used Japan’s chestnuts and whip cream. it is elegant and artistic garnish and sweet taste.

We want to make something delicious pastry used chestnuts and Matcha.

and We hope we can provide it in the future.

Thank you very much for reading and taking your precious time with us.

See you again on our next blog.

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