We pack your cake very carefully with ice gel and plastic foam because we want you to enjoy it fresh!

We only send cakes to addresses that can be delivered within 2 days from NY (zip code 11223). Please visit the USPS priority mail site at https://www.usps.com/priority-mail/map/ to check if we can ship to your address.

  • Please see below for Winter shipping prices.

This NEW shipping price are planing to apply since Nov 1, 2018


Please order pastries for shipping from

Etsy shop page.

  • Shipping Estimated Fee:  Cool packing+shipping


       < Cake / Bread / Pudding / Cookie> 

           Winter(Oct-March): $19       


           Summer:  $26

               - We are thinking for reviewing this.

       < Cake(Slice) & Cookie>

       (Limited Winter (Nov-March) :More

        friendly price)

           Non Ice gel packs - NY $10 / CA $10

  • Shipping Area:

      Within for 2days from New York