You can get your order cake plus free cake (as trial taste).

< Grand Opening Special Campaign>
  1. A free Cake
  2. Total cost is
$50 (For 1 catering cake) only.
     (This cost means cake’s cost only.This doesn’t include Tax 8% , Delivery Fee $120 )

Please order cake from this table list.You can
select 1 free cake from the below<Free cake>  when you

buy 1 catering cake.

This campaign is only limited to the first 25 people!

(When the first 25 people ordered our cakes,this campaign will finish.Please understand.)

Limited time only! This offer will end on October 31, 2018.

<Free Cake >
Please select one the below.

Please write to note about Free Cake you want when you order.

1.Bouchons (Cocoa)  :2 pieces
2.Bouchons (Matcha) :2 pieces
3.Matcha Baum Kuchen (Slice) :2 slices
4.Matcha Madeleine Cake double layer  (Slice) :2 slices
5.Matcha Castella (Slice) :2 slices
6.Earl Grey Chiffon (Slice) :2 slices
7.Matcha Chocolate Rice Cookie :6 pieces
8.Matcha Sesame Soy Milk Pudding :2 cups
9.Matcha Milk Pudding :3 cups